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The first notes of “The Principle of Existence” were already written down in 1975. For more than 10 years, the author verified his ideas and studied the experimental data of the scientists for inconsisten-cies and proofs. Actually, however, the latest discoveries of the researchers seemed to confirm his “Principle” more and more. When some of the predictions already noted down in 1975 (volcanoes on Venus, planetary rings, irregular expansion of the universe, dependency of gravitation on the composition of matter, repulsive forces in particle physics and in astronomy, superclusters and foam structure of the universe, surplus of information on the DNA etc.) really became true in the course of time, the book was published in 1987. Almost 16 years later, in March, 2003, the author discovered that readers had scanned and posted the book on the internet. After making some cursory corrections, he did the same - with surprising success. From hundreds of emails and contributions to the forum, where readers discussed topics of his book, he received valuable indications to uncertain points, errors, and mistakes in the text. He didn’t have any other choice than to revise and reprint the book with updated data and facts and some completely new chapters and additional figures.

The author

Harald Maurer, born in 1944, trained electrical engineer, caused a sensation as Europe’s youngest author in 1963; he wrote several books for young readers, novels and screenplays, published articles of scientific content, and presented his first work of non-fiction with the “Principle of Existence”. He lives as freelance writer and painter in Graz, Austria.


“Why do we believe that a body ends where we do not feel it anymore? Why not where we cannot hear or see it anymore? In short: could it perhaps be that every body expands into eternity on its own even if we do not perceive this expansion with our limited senses? “
The logically consistent continuation of this thought uttered analogously by the physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach leads to a kind of General Field Theory whose effects touch every field of science, unveil the mystery of gravitation, and make it comprehensi-ble why Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity really corresponds to an apparently bizarre reality.
This reality in question as a product of the interaction of our perception with a world of quanta, impulses, and structures is obviously based on a very simple cause. Inspired by Mach’s principle, origin and function of the cosmos are described as the effect of a simple fact: the principle of displacement and universal repulsion of a matter which stands in its own way…
The first edition of this book, already published in 1987, was distributed thousandfold via the internet and initiated heated discussions in physics and philosophy forums. The result of the international feedback is this revised, extended, and up-dated new edition of the Principle of Existence.
The attempt of a holistic contemplation of the universe on 507 pages with more than 200 illustrations.



For the very impatient, here is an abridged version of the T.A.O. Matrix Theory (unfortunately only in German).



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