In the chapters COMMUNICATION and ASYMMETRY we will treat various aspects of  modern physics and submit our PRINCIPLE to the test. We will discover that we cannot only describe the HOW of the physical phenomena but suddenly even understand WHY they occur. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity contains a concrete background – thus he had to formulate it! We will discover where the energy comes from  which is apparently hidden inside the atoms.

Nuclear energy and radioactivity become transparent. And then we will realise that it is not  the ENERGY which keeps the universe in motion but the opposite: ENTROPY, the constant striving for loss of energy, which is winding up the universe and leads to the creation of higher orders, like life itself. Thus ENTROPY is not simply a loss-making business, a striving for stillness and coldness. According to the laws of thermodynamics, our cosmos could not exist at all. One more reason to take a closer look at the ENTROPY!









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