After we discovered in the chapter IDEA that the development of this world always seemed to be coined by certain ideas, by inventions which were made all around the globe almost at the same time and that these ideas were achieved through the interaction of external and internal conditions, in the chapter SOMA we will consider the phenogenesis of the physical, the evolution of the Soma... why organisms are as they are. The theories of evolution a la Darwin & Co will be subject to scrutiny as well and we will find that they are a bit one-eyed, a bit too rigid in order to explain the development of the species. We will do away with the nonsense to always start at only one primeval cell and to speak of only one evolution. We will discover that a wealth of various evolutions must have taken place, truly an explosion of life, a cornucopia of ideas and organisms which was emptied over this Earth and whose great variety has been getting lost more and more ever since...









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