Whatever may happen to our Earth, the cosmos will not be affected by it... Many theories about this universe will turn out to be modern fairytales. Big Bounce, General Theory of Relativity, and quantum physics are combined to give a completely new understanding of the matter. New methods of generating energy will be used. Maybe the energy from wind, terrestrial heat, and the geomagnetic field will be able to replace nuclear fission and even nuclear fusion one day... Clever handling of antimatter and gamma radiation will lead to the creation of energy synchrophasotrons and maybe solve the energy problem on this Earth... 

The world is left to its own devices and we are in with it. Nobody protects us and nobody takes revenge. We are players in a game which did not come into existence at any time or any place.
It is the game of eternity in T.A.O. : the only game of the PRINCIPLE OF EXISTENCE!






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